Patch Submission & Approval Process

HOG Patch Submission and Approval Process

Anyone interested in designing a new patch for Raleigh HOG will need to send all the details to [email protected]. This includes a list of locations you would like considered as well as any special instructions/concerns (gravel parking, limited parking, outdoor seating only, can only hold a small amount of people, limited hours, fees, etc.) and a picture of the patch design.

After we have received your list of stops and the picture of the patch, we contact our printer, send them the design and wait for them to send the cost of making the patches for us. The next step is to send all the information to our treasurer/finance chair. Depending on the budget for the year, it is either approved or delayed for approval pending funding.

Once everything is approved, we contact our printer and have the patches made. After we receive the patches, we will determine when to announce the new patch at a HOG meeting. At that time, you will have the opportunity to tell the members all about your patch. We prefer to keep all the information private until the approval takes place, the patch is completed, and we have announced it.

Finally, everyone in the Chapter can RIDE to earn the patch!