Patch Ride Rules & Guidelines

Patch Ride Rules and Guidelines

  • Patches from the Raleigh HOG list of Ride Patches will be awarded to both members and associate members of Raleigh HOG
  • Both riders and passengers are eligible to earn patches
  • Members must be using a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for each stop
  • HOG rides to one destination can be used to qualify for multiple patch requirements
    • E.g. A destination for a food stop listed on one patch can also be used to qualify for the counties that were traveled through on the same ride
  • Multiple stops can be included on a single ride and be counted toward multiple patch requirements
    • E.g. one ride can be counted for a Battlefield stop, a BBQ stop and multiple counties
  • Candidates for Ride Patch must provide proof of completing each destination in one of the following ways;
    • Attendance on any established HOG ride which is scheduled on the HOG calendar
    • Verification from another HOG member attending a non-HOG ride
    • A picture of the rider’s motorcycle or both the rider and motorcycle (preferred) in front of the destination will be accepted as proof of the stop for riders who travel to a destination alone or on a non-HOG ride


100 County Patch Guidelines

  • Each participant is required to maintain a log of each county visited (A log and map of the North Carolina counties are available on with the 100 County Patch information)
  • The log should be signed and turned in with documented visits to all 100 North Carolina counties
  • Visits to a county can be documented in either of two ways;
    • A fellow Raleigh HOG member, who also visited the county with the participant, may act as a witness and sign the log for the county visited
    • The member may provide a photo, which must include the participant's Harley-Davidson motorcycle (or both the rider and motorcycle) and any unique county landmark


Exceptions or special considerations to these guidelines can be made by the Patch Ride Coordinators on a case by case basis.

Members are asked to let the Patch Ride Coordinators know when beginning a patch to ensure an adequate supply of patches are on hand.