Raleigh H.O.G. offers some great riding opportunities with our weekly group chapter rides.  We also encourage our members to take off on their own and enjoy the great North Carolina highways and back roads on their Harley Davidson.  And why not earn a patch while doing both!  John Sullivan is your contact for all patches.

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NC 100 Patch
Raleigh H.O.G. created this patch to encourage chapter members to visit all 100 North Carolina counties in a 12 calendar month period riding their Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The 12 calendar month period officially starts when you notify John Sullivan and you have received confirmation.  The 12 calendar month period ends on the last day of the month, 12 months from the start. Credit cannot be claimed for county visits prior to officially starting. Each member participating must maintain and present a completed log for a patch to be awarded to that member. Couples should maintain a separate log for both participants! Click here;to obtain a copy of the patch rules, a log for recording county visits and a map. Use the map to help you visually see what counties have been visited and for planning future routes for counties to be visited.   

Eat Some HOG
Ride to at least 12 different BBQ restaurants in Wake County. Take a photo of your motorcycle, and the restaurant sign. The word “Barbeque” or “Smoke” must appear on the restaurant sign. Click here for a list of BBQ restaurants. Only 1 Smithfield BBQ can be counted.

There are 19 Civil War Battlefields in North Carolina. Visit all 19 take a photo of your motorcycle with a battle field sign. Click here for a list of the battlefields

5 Points
Visit the 5 cities which are considered the geographic North , South, East, West and center of North Carolina. The cities are Mount Airy,   Calabash, Buxton, Murphy and Star. A location has been chosen in each city where a picture can be taken with your motorcycle. Click here for the locations in each city.

Chow Hound
We have put together a list of 22 eating establishments from the “Tar Heel Traveler” and other sources for the best food in a 100 mile radius. To earn this patch you must visit 10 different establishments.  It will be interesting to hear the different opinions of each place. Click here for the locations in each city.

Don't Tread On Me
So you like history? This edition to the patch rides is the Revolutionary War Battlefields patch. There are 7 stops to earn this patch. Visit all 7 and take a photo of your motorcycle with a battle field sign.  Click here for a list of the battlefields.

Ride Into The Wild
A patch that brings out your wild side. Do you like to visit zoos, animal sanctuaries and nature centers? Now you can earn a patch. We have a a list of 14 destinations to visit to earn this patch. Justine will be planning rides to many of these destinations throughout the year. If you would like to lead a ride or help Justine with any rides please contact her at (She is also the photographer at the H.O.G. meetings)  Click here for a list of the locations.

Weenie Ride
Do you like hotdogs? New for 2018 is the “Weenie Ride” patch. We have put together a list of 17 Famous Hot Dog “Restaurants”. You need documentation of visiting a minimum of 7 of the establishments from the list. (Those restaurants with multiple locations count only as one. For example, you can only count 1 “Snoopy’s”) You may visit any of the locations listed and take a picture of you and your bike in front of each location OR you may attend a planned HOG ride which goes to one of the locations.  Click here for a list of the locations.

So you like to visit Harley Dealers? Now you can earn a patch. Visit all the Harley Davidson dealers that are members of the Carolina Harley Davidson Dealers Association (CHDDA). To earn the patch riders must visit all HD dealers that are current members of CHDDA. Currently there are about 28 dealerships located in North & South Carolina and one in Virginia. There is no time limit on ride completion. Purchase a poker chip or take a picture in front of the dealership. When inside the dealership, make sure you tell them you are from Ray Price Harley Davidson. Click here for the list of dealers that are members of CHDDA dealers.

here to see a larger image of this patch.