Steve Blackwood - Director

Rides:  2014 Tri-Glide

I have always admired motorcycle riders…especially those who rode Harley's. During my younger days, every time I would pass a Harley Davidson advertisement I always had the urge to stop and try one out, but my wife, Carolyn would say keep driving. Approximately 20 years ago, my closest friend Rodney “ENUFF” Parker convinced me to take the big step, and I bought my first Harley, a sweet 1998 Dyna Low Rider. 7 Harley’s later and after many miles with ENUFF and numerous friends made over the years, here I am. I’m convinced that “Wind Therapy” is some of the best medicine to cure your ills. I invite you to come join us in Raleigh HOG! I sincerely believe that you will agree with our chapter motto..... “Let’s Ride and Have Fun!

Doug Wilkerson Assistant Director

Rides:  2014 Street Glide

At age 60, I found myself in need of a hobby.  Several friends rode Harley's and talked about how much they loved riding.  The more I thought about it, the more it appealed to me.  I started looking at Harleys and found the first bike that ever made me want to get on a motorcycle – the 2014 Street Glide.  I took the Riders’ Edge class through the RPHD dealership and within a month was riding my first bike – a 2006 Low Rider.  That bike was my best pal for 11 months and taught me to ride.  Within a year, I was riding the bike that first appealed to me.  I joined Raleigh HOG in the fall of 2014 found a lot of worthwhile activities to get involved in.  I found people willing to help me as a new rider and with learning my way around the HOG chapter.  I’ve never been around a better group of people and friends.  I have been a member of several different types of organizations and believe that if you expect to get something out of an organization, you have to be a contributor.   With just about every ride or event or activity, I get to know another new person and begin building another new friendship.  After a few months of being involved in the Raleigh HOG, it’s easy to see why so many people have been a part of the chapter for a long time.  There’s a great sense of community, family and friendship here.  I look forward to growing in friendship and experiences with all of you.


Karen Gray - Secretary

Rides:  2018 Tri-Glide Anniversary Special

We bought our first Tri-Glide and joined Raleigh H.O.G. in 2016. I also joined L.O.H. at the same time even though I didn't ride my own bike. I soon decided that I wanted to "ride my own"! I convinced Ralph that he needed a two-wheeler and I that could have the trike! We found a wonderful "home" Raleigh H.O.G. and Tobacco Road Harley Davidson/Ray Price Harley Davidson. We have so many great friends and are continuously making new memories and experiencing new adventures. I was elected Secretary in 2018. I am happy to be able to give back to a group that has given so much to my life. I currently work full time as an RN, but I'm hoping to retire soon so I can enjoy even more riding!


Corey Maner Treasurer


Richard Barfield - Activities Chairman

Rides:  2018 Road Glide

I’ve been riding a motorcycle almost 12 years ago, by a group of coworkers that rode themselves. At that time, I decided to purchase my first bike (Honda 750 Nighthawk) and took the Basic Rider Course at Wake Tech Community College. 6 months after I finished the course, I purchased my first Harley Davidson in 2006 (Sportster XL1200C). I rode that for about a year and then purchased the current HD I own (2008 FLHTC).
I’ve been a member of Raleigh H.O.G. since 2006 and haven’t looked back. I’ve built so many new friendships, have so much fun, created more memories than are imaginable, since becoming a member of Raleigh H.O.G. The dealership, Ray Price and now Tobacco Road Harley Davidson, is such a great supporting dealership to our club. I would like to thank them for all they do for the Raleigh H.O.G.


Gail Bartz - Ladies Of Harley Director

Rides:  2016 Road Glide Special

I told my husband 8 years ago when we decided to move from NH to NC that he could trade his passion for snowmobiles with motorcycle riding.  What I didn’t know was how much I would love riding motorcycles too.  I definitely didn’t see that coming!  Thanks to the support and encouragement from the Raleigh HOG family and the Ladies of Harley I found that I could ride my own.  I can say without any hesitation that riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle blows away riding an Arctic Cat snowmobile.  I started out on a Fatboy and graduated to a Road King but have just recently found that the Road Glide is what suits me best.  Thanks to the Ray Price Dealership for making it happen.


Huck - Safety Officer

Rides:  2016 Road King

I received my motorcycle license in 1975 and purchased my first Harley-Davidson, an FXRS Sport Glide in 1982. Since then, I’ve ridden Harleys exclusively.
Coming from upstate New York and having ridden for so many years, I have experienced the fun and challenges of riding in good weather and bad including hot sun, rain, hail, snow, and ice.
I have been a member of Raleigh HOG since 2004 and truly believe that the Ray Price dealership, Raleigh HOG, and its members are by far some of the best people in the nation. After being a member of HOG clubs in both NY and Florida as well as attending multiple HOT training events, this continues to reign true.

As your Safety Officer, I pledge to raise awareness wherever possible of ways to ride safer, provide tips and training, supporting our Road Captains, and ensure that each member has an opportunity to enjoy our lifestyle in an enlightened manner.


Justine Homiak - Photographer

Rides:  2008 Street Bob

I went on my first motorcycle ride in early 2011.  I loved it, except I was riding with a “less than- gentle shifter.”  After smashing the front of my helmet off the back of his a few dozen times within two rides, I was determined to ride my own.  I promptly bought a used 750 off craigslist and signed up for a MSF Course at the local community college.  I bought my Harley Davidson, a 2008 Street Bob, in March 2014 which is when I joined Raleigh HOG.  I have very much enjoyed being a member of HOG and the Ladies of Harley, participating in events, fundraising and rides.  I became the Chapter Photographer in 2015 and am happy to be continuing in this role for 2018.  So, if you see me….smile, and say, “Harley!”…I will likely have a camera of some sort with me!


Clint Newsome - Raffle Chairman

Rides:  2018 Road Glide CVO

I started riding at the age of 10 on a Mini Bike purchased at Pep Boys, when they were located on what is now Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh. From there it was Honda and Yamaha dirt bikes until I was 14 years of age when I rode my first street bike a Honda CB500 in South Dakota. Riding has always been my outlet to escape from stress and I simply love it.

My first Harley was a 2011 Street Glide and now I ride a  Road Glide CVO purchased at Ray Price, Since becoming a HOG member in 2011, I have met some of the best people in the community and enjoy being a part of the group.


Bruce Brown - Co-Chaplain

Rides:  2014 Ultra Limited

Somewhere around 7 years old I started riding a Candy Apple Red Honda 50, (and I still love that color), my neighbor was about the same age and he got the Candy Apple Blue model and we were off on a riding adventure that would span many years and many motorcycles. Over the years I was fortunate to get larger motorcycles as I grew out of the smaller ones, all the way to a motocross racing bike. I took a break from riding for a few years and finished my pilots license and then got an instrument rating in a small four seat Piper Cherokee that I was in a partnership with for several years. Even though I really enjoy airplanes and flying I eventually got back to my motorcycle roots when I bought a Sportster, a Dyna Wide Glide, and now I'm on my second Ultra, this time the Ultra Limited. I've been a HOG member since the early 90's and have been fortunate to be one of the Chapters Co-Chaplains for several years now. The Raleigh HOG is a very active group with lots of rides and events to be a part of, if you have any questions about the group please contact any HOG officer or member for more information.


Floyd Baker - Co-Chaplain

Rides:  2002 Wide Glide, 2012 Tri-Glide

I started riding when I was 18 and in the military in Oklahoma. I had a Suzuki dirt bike and raced some motor cross and owned a TS125 Suzuki that I used for transportation back and forth to work. When the kids started coming along I stopped riding until I purchased my first Harley in 2003. I was living in Morehead City and purchased a Super Glide from the New Bern dealer, became a HOG member and have remained one since. I have just under 50,000 miles riding Harleys and currently own a 2002 Wide Glide and a 2012 Tri-Glide.  I am the Mission Pastor at Freedom Biker Church.


Tony Rogers - Membership Committee Chair

Rides:  2015 Ultra Limited

I have been riding for 5 years. Retired after 30 years with the Raleigh Police Department. I love to ride and have fun!  Please join us for funs activities and events.


Mike Page - Historian & H.O.G. Room Coordinator

Rides:  2009 Ultra Limited

I was born and raised in a beach community.  My dad loved motorcycles and even had an old Road King until I was about 7 years old. My older brother bought a bike when I was thirteen.  Riding as a passenger got me started wanting my own bike.   When I was in the Air Force,  at 19 I bought my own bike.  Yes, unfortunately it was a rice burner.  A friend that I rode with at that time had a Sportster.  He said I will let you ride it but you have to understand that once you ride a Harley you will want one.  He was right.  A year later I bought my first Harley, a ’74 Sportster, and as they say the rest is history, been riding Harleys ever since.   Joining the HOG group has inspired me to do more with others who also enjoy riding.


Lynette Rogers - Recording Secretary 

Rides:  2014 Heritage Softail

Hi – I’m Lynette Rogers and I am the Recording Secretary for Raleigh HOG this year as well as last year. The Recording Secretary’s job is to accurately take down just about everything that is said in the monthly general meetings, type them up and get them to the correct HOG team leads as well as to the newsletter editor in time for publication. I enjoy doing this and have learned quite a bit about our group this way. In addition to Recording Secretary, I also serve on the membership committee and along with my husband, Tony Rogers, help get everyone checked in and accounted for. This has been a great way for me to get to know so many of you (and your names!). My personal goal is to learn them all by the end of the year. I’ve been a HOG member for 3 years and I ride a 2014 Heritage Softail. Ride Safe Y’all!


Greg Nichols - 50/50 Co-Chair

Rides:  2000 Road King

My first bike was a 250cc trail bike that I bought new in 1973.  My buddies and I used to follow the motocross, drag and road racing circuits and went to a lot of the big races like Daytona and Talladega.  My college roommate became the manager of the Kawasaki Shop where we hung out in 1975.  I bought one of their new 900cc Z1’s that was tearing up the roads -- boy would that thing fly.  My girlfriend (now my wife) and I used to load that thing down with camping gear and hit the road.  I can’t remember how we carried all that stuff without saddle bags, tour pack and a luggage rack.  The Road King Classic that we ride today has lots of space to carry travel gear.  We joined Raleigh HOG in 2000 because we find it safer riding in a group and don’t like riding in and around the city alone.  We particularly enjoy the overnight trips.  We like to Ride and Have Fun!


Harold Panel - 50/50 Co-Chair

Rides:  2002 Road King

My son and I rode dirt bikes for years when we lived in Texas and Georgia and had some great times.  When he left for college, the dirt bikes went into hibernation and eventually were sold when we moved to NC.  I began to look at rode bikes and there was nothing out there that had more appeal than the Harley.  I walked by the Raleigh HOG Chapter bike raffle  at a car show and plunked down $20 bucks for a ticket.  For some reason I knew this bike was mine  and I was not the least bit surprised when I got the call informing me that I had won the bike.  It was a 2002 Rode King and I still have it and ride the tires off it.  The Raleigh HOG Chapter is just like family and you make new friends and enjoy old friends at each meeting and every ride.  My buddy, Greg Nichols, and I do the 50/50 Raffle at each meeting and have a great time doing it.  And we have something in common – we both have won a Harley in a raffle drawing.